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I admit I feel a little embarrassed at the time that has lapsed since my last blog entry. But then I also realize that an integrated identity, the creative genius inside all of us, isn’t a static entity, but rather an ongoing and sometimes sputtering growth process. Hiatus really is the norm, just like the solid objects in the world around us in reality consist mainly of empty space.

We all admire the branch rich with blossoms. Yet seasons are inevitable, and sometimes the energy withdraws inside the roots.


Personal Values

Recently I read somewhere — and I have encountered it elsewhere, too — that to live life fully and free of stress we need to live it according to our own values, not the values imposed on us by others. This makes me wonder: are my personal values really a static entity? My experience is that what I value most, what is at the center of my life, has changed significantly over the years. As artists we might entertain the notion that what we call our own values are in fact also adopted values. Through a process of elimination and growth we can attain the true value of things.