Why do anything?

Sometimes life can be discouraging, cause for despair even. Maybe your health is failing, maybe a dear friend committed suicide, maybe an employer screws you over. Nobody listens to you, nobody is paying attention. And the question may arise: why do anything at all?

I have asked it many times before. Why indeed? And the answer is always simple: because it’s possible. It’s still possible that this time something will relieve the pain, something beautiful will come of it, someone will be touched or even moved by what I still had the courage to do.

It’s interesting that the Latin word “posse” (to be able) and its relative “potens” (able, powerful) share “poti-” as a root (or “posis” in Greek, or “patih” in Sanskrit), meaning “lord” or “husband”. That’s just what it does, life: it expresses itself endlessly. And the process is not some superficial affair. It is a dedicated marriage, an ongoing union.


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