One thing that likely sets a real artist apart, more so than exceptional skill or a broad understanding of our field, is care. The ability to care deeply about something is powerful, which also makes it a hazard. Often the things we care about lie hidden in the unconscious, and our creation needs to be unearthed from this darkness with patience and precise intuition. People around us value the fact that we care and engage, but not necessarily that same thing that is precious to us, nor the time it takes to bring it to life. They will persuade us to care, in the same way, for something else more apparent, something they themselves value. This coaxing can become a major distraction for some artists. Others have developed a false air of not caring at all to counter the seducers.

It takes great courage to act according to what we really cherish, and to proudly exclude what we don’t value. And this doesn’t diminish our care at all. In fact, it improves our attention and devotion.


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